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Get Guaranteed Revenue From Renting Out Your Falmouth/Mashpee Home

Get Guaranteed Revenue From Renting Out Your Falmouth/
Mashpee Home

$1,000 Signing Bonus For New Clients!

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At Grand Welcome Falmouth & Mashpee, we aim to take all the stress out of property management. Our services cover all aspects of vacation rental management, including:

You can sit back and enjoy the income from your property while we do all the hard work.

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The Grand Welcome Advantage

Local Expertise

As long-time locals, we understand Cape Cod like no one else. This insight enhances our services and your property’s appeal.

Full-Service Management

We handle everything – property upkeep, guest relations, bookings, and more.

Optimized Earnings

Our advanced strategies and local knowledge ensure you get the best return on your property.

National Competitor

Local Competitor

In-House Revenue Experts

Decreased Wear & Tear Booking Strategies

Dynamic Pricing

Quality Local Property Management

24/7 Local Guest Concierge

Locally Owned & Operated

National Reach & Guest Marketing

  National Competitior Local Competitor
Revenue Experts
Decreased Wear & Tear
Booking Strategies
Dynamic Pricing  
Quality Local Property
24/7 Local Guest
Owned & Operated
National Reach &
Guest Marketing

Our Offer

Join the Grand Welcome family and transform your second home into a high-performing asset without lifting a finger. Click on ‘GET PROPOSAL’ to get started.

About Us

Grand Welcome Falmouth & Mashpee, Cape Cod, locally owned is committed to providing world-class vacation property management services to second homeowners to deliver a seamless and stress-free experience for clients.

Grand Welcome team’s profound hospitality industry experience, reflected in her leadership and memberships with the Mashpee and Falmouth Chambers of Commerce, dovetails perfectly with management experience, accrued from his early entrepreneurial pursuits.

Together, Karen and Joe offer a comprehensive range of services, meticulously tailored to handle all property management needs.

Their shared dedication to exceptional service and deep understanding of property owners’ unique challenges make Grand Welcome an unrivaled choice for second homeowners in Cape Cod.

Led by local owners

About Karen & Joe Martin

We offer you an unmatched vacation rental management program tailored for second homeowners.

Grand Welcome Falmouth & Mashpee, Cape Cod is locally owned by Karen Martin. She, along with General Manager, Joe Martin, are excited to introduce their world-class vacation rental management program to both homeowners and guests who visit the Cape Cod area. Originally from Shrewsbury, MA, Karen and Joe have spent most of their lives on the Cape.

Karen grew up in the hospitality industry and now runs her own business. She is a member of both the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce and the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce. Joe is a serial entrepreneur who started his first retail business at the tender age of 20 and has acquired a wealth of management experience throughout his career.
This team is dedicated to providing a stress-free experience to their valued clients. They offer a full range of services to handle all your property management needs.

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Grand Welcome is backed by local experts who offer comprehensive property management, freeing you from the complexities of managing a vacation rental and enhancing your earnings.

We provide full-service property management, including guest management, property maintenance, booking services, and more.

We typically get homes onboarded in 2-3 weeks. Once signed, you will be introduced to your Onboarding Manager who works directly with our local management team to get the walk-through and photos scheduled. Once those items are complete, we will then create your listing and send that along with pricing for your approval to ensure we are on the same page prior to going live!

When you partner with Grand Welcome, you will be free to come and go from our program as you please. All we ask is that you give us a 30-day advance notice if you do choose to remove your home from our program.

You are free to use your home for as much personal use as frequently as you’d like – but if you plan to only rent out your home occasionally or solely outside of peak seasons, your home may not be a great fit for our program. We also reserve the right to cancel a homeowner agreement if the home is predominantly unavailable for bookings.

The only item we require is Wi-Fi. We want to ensure your home is set up for success, so we will provide you with our Unit Stock Sheet, which lists items we suggest having in the home to go above and beyond guest expectations.

We use a dynamic pricing model, allowing us to adjust listing prices based on the level of supply, demand, and time of year. Our in-house pricing system pulls from multiple data sources including direct data from Airbnb and VRBO to ensure our homeowner listings are set at optimum rates.

We carefully examine your home and consider all that it offers in terms of amenities, furnishings, location, etc. This process also allows us to set appropriate nightly minimums in order to achieve additional occupancy with less wear and tear.

We provide payment by the 15th day of each month for the previous month. If you have a booking that goes from one month into the next, payment for that reservation would be issued the month of the actual check-out date.

We provide you with access to your homeowner portal, which reflects all your property’s bookings, any maintenance tickets, statements, and it also gives you access to easily reserve your property for a personal stay.

We list on Airbnb and VRBO, but that’s just the start of our online presence. Your property will be visible on these sites and more!* In addition, we have our own website and a massive database of our best guests built over years of service. In 2021 alone, we had over 60,000 guest stays across all of our listings in each of our locations!

All of these guests are added to our mailing list to receive bi-monthly newsletters promoting our properties and destinations. We sync your availability calendar across every site to ensure there are no double bookings.

*Online travel agency sites are subject to change.

Yes, assistance with initial permitting and renewals is included in our management fee, however, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of the permit or TOT number. Please reach out to Sales for the fees associated with your market. For our Hawaii homeowners, there is a fee associated due to the state’s extensive permitting process.

Here are some other Benefits:

Partnering with Grand Welcome offers the following benefits.

Expertise and Experience
Benefit from professionals who specialize in vacation rental management, leveraging their knowledge and experience.
Maximized Occupancy and Revenue:
Actively promote and market your property, aiming to increase bookings and generate higher rental income.
Streamlined Operations
Let us handle property maintenance, guest check-ins, and check-outs, saving you time and effort.
Professional Listing Optimization:
Create attractive listings with compelling descriptions and high-quality photos to attract more guests.
Enhanced Guest Experience:
A dedicated LOCAL team ensures excellent communication, addresses guest needs, and provides concierge services.
Property Care and Maintenance:
We coordinate regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs to keep your property in top condition.
Compliance with Regulations:
Stay updated on local regulations and licensing requirements to operate your rental legally.
Transparent Financial Reporting:
Receive detailed financial reports, including income, expenses, and maintenance costs.
Peace of Mind:
Our local professionals handle emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, providing peace of mind.
Continuous Support:
Enjoy ongoing support and communication from the management company.
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